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5 STARS on Print Washability

Our Tees which are printed using Industry Best Printer’s have 5 STARS by the AATCC on Print Washability

Direct to Garment printed T-Shirts ever receive a 5 star rating by the AATCC for washability. Only properly cured screen printed shirts receive a 5 star AATCC rating. This means Shady Canvas Printed T-Shirts will typically last the life of the garment.

To Further Ensure Your Tees Last for a Long-Long Time Follow the Bellow 5 Rules:

  • First, always use cold water.
  • Second, don’t use bleach or other strong detergent products.
  • Third, turn your clothes inside out before you wash and dry them.
  • Fourth, do not put your clothes in a hot dryer.
  • Fifth, wash similar clothes together and we’re not just talking about colors