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Wear Healthy-Stay Healthy

Hazards of plastisol printing inks are not just to personal health but also to the environmental health. Plastisol is widely used as cheap way of printing Clothes/T-shirts globally.

If you are conscious about healthy eating and healthy living the cloth which is constantly in touch with your body cells is equally important aspect to lookout for.Shady Canvas intends to pioneer this thinking of “wear healthy & stay healthy”  and wants you to imbibe this approach too, if you are buying organic food for eating why not for wearing? The medical pundits may come up with a detailed theory later.

Unlike the traditional inks/plastisol used in printing  and polyester/inorganic blended clothes, Shady Canvas use’s water based Eco friendly inks on 100% Cotton material. We will encourage reuse/recycle  of cotton clothes wherever feasible i.e Our Experience Store Allows you to refurbish your old-t shirt.

Also For Us TEES=TREES, We would keep Environment before Profits,For every products consumers buy from our “On Forest/Nature” Category we will contribute to Nature Conservation Initiatives.

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