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Customized Canvas Bag

Shady Canvas brings you the ability to customize and personalize  your Canvas Bag with any design or text you have. Just upload the image and leave it to us. There is no limit on the colors/image..your photo is also ok.  Use the bag at gym, coaching classes,sports, daily usage……Again, A first such offering in India by Shady Canvas. Unlike others We Use 100% Safe Eco Friendly Ink’s. We are proud of that and you should be too for your choice.

The bag dimensions are 10 inches X 14 inches with Drawstrings.


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Live on Amazon , COD Available

On popular demand we are now the authorized retailer/seller on Amazon, This will fulfill the long awaited demand of our customer’s to provide COD (Cash on Delivery) Service and the benefits/power of Amazon.

In case you find any product not listed on Amazon, please send us quick message we will ensure it’s listed. For free customization you can leverage the Amazon’s messaging service or directly write to us with order details.

Please note COD has it’s associated cost and perks so if you are comfortable with online payments leverage our site for completing the Purchase.

For Quick Access to Shady Canvas products on Amazon click here


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5 STARS on Print Washability

Our Tees which are printed using Industry Best Printer’s have 5 STARS by the AATCC on Print Washability

Direct to Garment printed T-Shirts ever receive a 5 star rating by the AATCC for washability. Only properly cured screen printed shirts receive a 5 star AATCC rating. This means Shady Canvas Printed T-Shirts will typically last the life of the garment.

To Further Ensure Your Tees Last for a Long-Long Time Follow the Bellow 5 Rules:

  • First, always use cold water.
  • Second, don’t use bleach or other strong detergent products.
  • Third, turn your clothes inside out before you wash and dry them.
  • Fourth, do not put your clothes in a hot dryer.
  • Fifth, wash similar clothes together and we’re not just talking about colors



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Shady Canvas with National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur and Udbhava 2016

Shady Canvas is the proud Apparels partner for Udbhava 2016,

The theme for this event is “Advent of Startup Culture and Technology in India.”this year the students’ chapter of Indian Society for Technical Education at NIT Hamirpur came up with the name “Udbhava”, which means dawn or a new creation. This is the age of Start-ups. Every graduate engineer dreams of seeing his/her company on the Dalal Street. So it becomes the need of the time to increase the awareness about the various aspects of start-up idea and to provide the potential technical entrepreneurial ideas into a full time start-up company.

visit or their facebook page Udbhava 2016 for event details

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Your Old Shady Canvas T-Shirts-Home Decor

It-starts-with-a-dream-CanvasOld is Gold! Nothing last’s forever except art and the human spirit, when you feel you are done wearing your shady canvas T-shirt, don’t throw them away (except for a noble cause. i.e sharing/donating to someone in need), Your T-Shirts are a work of Art on Canvas.

Just get a Frame, cut out your T-Shirt design and use it for home/office decor or sell it 🙂 may be it will sell for more than you paid for the T-Shirt.

Time-Flies-Canvas Anchored-Canvas


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My T-Shirt My Name

You are Special,

Shady Canvas brings you the ability to personalize any T-Shirt you buy with your Name/Text/Quote. The text can be placed on the sleeve or back neck  in various styles/format. Based on the text (length and content) our designers will do the job of stylishly designing and printing it on the t-shirt you have chosen.

The service is optional and  absolutely free for our customers, so go ahead choose any T-shirt design and then personalize your Tee or Gift the tee to the special someone with his/her name on it. Effective 1st June 2017 we will charge a nominal fees of Rs 55 for the customization.



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Shop Freely

Your Concerns/Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions

Can I cancel the order after Purchase?  Yes ,within 24 hours just drop us a mail/or use contact us form with your order details, payments will be refunded in 60 Minutes.

Is my data Secured?- Our site runs on secured 256 bit ssl, you can see the green padlock  on the top left,All your data is safe and will never be shared outside or to any third party. We have tied up with the most trusted payment gateways in India which will secure your money transactions.

Why no Cash on Delivery?– Cash on delivery adds another layer of cost, steps and complexity to the process, Typically wherever you shop from,COD charges are ultimately recovered from customers only, we will keep very low margins on our products and pass the pricing benefits to consumers. If your order is not received in 4-5 Working Days you can just seek a refund or get another T-Shirt absolutely Free. Just share your selfie on Facebook and Tag us.

Is there any Refund?– If you don’t like what you got, just drop us a note at with your order no ,we will refund the amount within 60 minutes directly to your wallet/card/bank account. No questions asked. Just be fare to us given the very low margins we operate with. Note: For tees which has been customized with your text/name, please ensure you select the right t-shirt size , When in doubt go for one size up.

Is Shady Canvas commitment to Environment , True to it’s word?– Yes we will sacrifice and share our profits for nature,wildlife  and environment conservation Initiatives, we are using 100% Safe Eco Friendly Inks on our T-Shirts which are 100% Cotton, We will also promote reuse and recycle of cotton. For Any T-Shirt you buy from our On Forest Category we will contribute on your behalf to the Government/NGO’s , that’s our Promise and biggest belief.

Who are your logistics Partner? We have tied up with Fedex, but based on customer needs and urgency we will use suitable  service providers

Money was Deducted but Order did not go through? Don’t worry we are here for the consumers and there happiness and satisfaction is paramount for our Brand, If at all there was a technical glitch and you did not receive the success message after money was deducted, our team will followup with the payment gateway to ensure you get the refund or the transaction is made successful with the product delivered to you. Yes we will do the follow up. Just use the contact us form.

Who you are? We are a registered firm with the Government  and we will abide by the law of the land. You can check the About Us page for more details.

What’s the Process for online shopping?

  • You select the T-Shirt on the website
  • Make Payments Online
  • Order Confirmation Email is Sent (instantly)
  • T-Shirt goes into Processing (instantly)
  • T-Shirt is Packed & Dispatched (24hrs)
  • Notification is Sent (instantly)
  • Delivery (24-72hrs) via FedEx
  • Feedback email is sent instantly once you receive the Product
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Wear Healthy-Stay Healthy

Hazards of plastisol printing inks are not just to personal health but also to the environmental health. Plastisol is widely used as cheap way of printing Clothes/T-shirts globally.

If you are conscious about healthy eating and healthy living the cloth which is constantly in touch with your body cells is equally important aspect to lookout for.Shady Canvas intends to pioneer this thinking of “wear healthy & stay healthy”  and wants you to imbibe this approach too, if you are buying organic food for eating why not for wearing? The medical pundits may come up with a detailed theory later.

Unlike the traditional inks/plastisol used in printing  and polyester/inorganic blended clothes, Shady Canvas use’s water based Eco friendly inks on 100% Cotton material. We will encourage reuse/recycle  of cotton clothes wherever feasible i.e Our Experience Store Allows you to refurbish your old-t shirt.

Also For Us TEES=TREES, We would keep Environment before Profits,For every products consumers buy from our “On Forest/Nature” Category we will contribute to Nature Conservation Initiatives.